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Do You Have A Chimney Leak? Here’s Why You Should Address It Quickly

Published by 911 Restoration Tahoe on March 9, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

Why you need to address a chimney leak quickly? Read on and find out!If you have a chimney leak, you need to address it quickly to prevent permanent damage to the unit. Over time, your chimney is subject to multiple attacks and bad weather that will damage it. If it is not regularly maintained, it will become less waterproof, letting water infiltrate in places. Do not underestimate even small infiltration of water in your chimney since the water seeping through the chimney touches your home’s interior walls and damages them.

Here’s our explanation on why you must quickly address chimney leaks!

Why You Should Address a Chimney Leak Quickly?

The frost and bad weather keep on attacking your chimney over time. If left untreated, it becomes less waterproof, leading to water infiltration.

Over time, the water seepage through the chimney starts damaging the walls of your home. When humidity sets in, it’s the paint, the upholstery, the carpets on the floor that will be affected and the healthiness of your home that comes into play. This humidity can be very problematic, as it can cause mold, stains, and even very serious water damage.

Regardless of the nature of the leak, a tarred chimney is both unsightly and dangerous to health. Indeed, the clogged flue increases the risk of a chimney fire, not to mention the possible carbon monoxide leakage into the house, which can asphyxiate the occupants.

Also, you need to repair it before the moisture causes mold growth and a musty smell. When water is constantly leaking into your chimney, mold can begin to grow. Mold spores are everywhere outdoors, and when they float up to your chimney and land on the water that leaks into your chimney, they can start to grow. Mold growth can produce a musty, earthy, or foul odor that can be strong and unpleasant.

Water leaking inside your home also increases the humidity level inside your home, which increases the chances of mold growth elsewhere in your home and can make your home feel damp and uncomfortable.

Sometimes the hardest part of this repair is finding exactly where the source of the leak is. Let’s have a look at the possible causes of a chimney leak!

Causes of a Chimney Leak

Like any problem, you must first find the cause to address a chimney leak quickly.

  • Your roof may be old and has not been well maintained. Moss has settled everywhere and especially on the edges of your chimney. If you are not very handy, you can check the condition of your roof and its water tightness by calling a professional to carry out a diagnosis for you.
  • Chimneys may have unsealed gaps that allow rainwater to run into your chimney. If the chimney seams were sealed with kiln cement, the water can eventually cause the cement to become dry and brittle and could fall out, allowing water to enter the hole and your chimney.
  • Leaks in the roof near the flue can also allow water to enter your home and begin to cause moisture damage.
  • Sometimes the roof recently resealed at the level of the bushels still leaks water. It means that the work has not been done properly. Therefore, you must bring your craftsman back because a minimum one-year warranty must cover you.
  • The weather can also cause a leak in the chimney: in the event of gusts of wind, the rain can seep through the cracks and enter the house.
  • A dripping or tarry chimney is also caused by tar or bistre buildup in the flue. It is a black substance that looks like soot but has a stickier texture and clumps together. This phenomenon can have various causes, particularly a bad draft of the chimney.
  • Another cause that can lead to a tarred chimney is the poor quality of the firewood. It is better to opt for hardwood with a minimum drying time of two years in a ventilated space.
  • Reclaimed wood and softwood tend to quickly dirty the pipes and promote leaks. This is also the case when the chimney undergoes excessive cooling of the smoke, which contains more water vapor, which increases the formation of bistre.
  • Finally, leaks are more likely to occur when the chimney is too loaded with fuel.

What Call a Professional to Address a Chimney Leak Quickly?

If you face a chimney leak, the best is to call a professional water damage restoration service near you to prevent further damage.

To properly repair a chimney leak, you must first determine its origin precisely. It is necessary to call on a professional as they have the appropriate tools to detect the source without going through the demolition. Ultrasonic detection makes it possible to detect a cold water leak in the chimney precisely.

The best solution to prevent the issue is to use the fireplace well and choose the right fuel. If the conduit already shows traces of bistre, you must call a professional to eliminate it.

There are also sweeping chemical logs on the market that do not contain sulfur or chlorine to clear the accumulated tar. Nevertheless, it is a backup solution that does not replace the work carried out by a professional.

Looking for a Professional Water Damage Restoration Service Near you?

If you’re a resident of Tahoe and need a professional water damage restoration service near you to address a chimney leak, contact 911 Restoration of Tahoe. The 911 Restoration of Tahoe team and certified and trained professionals with the right techniques and tools to address chimney leaks, find the source and quickly intervene to protect your property. Call (530) 290-3468 or visit their website for more information.

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